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Narcan Shipping Updates

** Starting August 2021, the maximum allowable bulk order will be 108 units of Nasal Narcan (naloxone) per agency. Organizations demonstrating prudent and successful disbursement of larger quantities may re-order upon reporting the number of units utilized or re-distributed.** 


Being responsible stewards of these critical public health dollars, our aim is to reduce the number of Narcan doses that go unused and pass their expiration date.  Our shared goal must be to get Narcan into the hands of those Texans most likely to save a life; often a community member in close contact with people who use drugs.   


We thank you for joining in our collective efforts to save as many Texas lives as possible. Please note that we can assist you with collecting any soon to be expiring Narcan units for rapid redistribution.  

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Our Harm Reduction Community Partners

Pastor Joe Barber                                                                 

1903 W Poplar St,                                                                      

San Antonio, TX 78207                                                             

 (210) 732-3998


Gavin Rogers                                                                           

230 E Travis St,

San Antonio, TX 78205

 (210) 226-8341 ext. 318

Pastor Bethany Hull Somers

504 Ave E,

San Antonio, TX 78215

(210) 226-9131

Curt Harrel

Corner of W Laurel and 1604 N. Zarzamora  

San Antonio, Texas 78201



"I didn't think that Narcan would really work. Nor did I think that someone would OD right here in my home. If it wasn't for the Narcan you sent me I would be burying my friend right now."

—  Anonymous