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 Distribution Guidelines: 2022-2023

We are grateful to be entrusted with the distribution of state funded naloxone in Texas. Since its inception, this program has distributed over 300,000 doses of naloxone to individuals and organizations across Texas, who have in turn, saved thousands of lives. As we embark on a new fiscal year for this program:


  • Consistent with national trends, high overdose mortality in Texas has led to a demand for naloxone that dramatically outpaces  supply.


  • An increasing emphasis is being placed on ensuring that naloxone is distributed to people most likely to witness and respond to an overdose; often referred to as  “saturation.”


We ask for your help in our shared efforts to continually refine best practices for achieving  “saturation” and preventing naloxone from expiring unused.

  • With your help, we strive for fair, efficient, and equitable distribution of naloxone that is responsive to the ever-shifting dynamics of overdose risk in Texas.



Some basic changes this year:


  • Organizations may request a maximum of 48 units per order. This is not an annual limit, and once the 48 units have been distributed, subsequent orders of 48 units may be requested.


  • We can now provide the intramuscular formulation of naloxone to organizations (not individuals) who serve those who prefer it. Because intramuscular naloxone entails a different procurement process, please contact us directly @   


  • Naloxone distribution tactics unlikely to promote “saturation” (e.g., naloxone issued in conference gift bags) or that duplicate other programming (e.g., dispensing via pharmacies) are not possible under this program.

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Our Harm Reduction Community Partners

Pastor Joe Barber                                                                 

1903 W Poplar St,                                                                      

San Antonio, TX 78207                                                             

 (210) 732-3998


Pastor Gavin Rogers                                                                     230 E Travis St,

San Antonio, TX 78205

 (210) 226-8341 ext. 318

Pastor Bethany Hull Somers

504 Ave E,

San Antonio, TX 78215

(210) 226-9131

Curt Harrel

Corner of W Laurel and 1604 N. Zarzamora  

San Antonio, Texas 78201



"I didn't think that Narcan would really work. Nor did I think that someone would OD right here in my home. If it wasn't for the Narcan you sent me I would be burying my friend right now."

—  Anonymous