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What We Do

The Texas Targeted Opioid Response (TTOR) project is a state funded grant aimed at decreasing the prevalence of fatal opioid-related overdoses. Through TTOR, there are a number of programs that have been developed to address the opioid crisis

we face in Texas. 

The UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing is administering these grants for the state of Texas. The School of Nursing team lead by Dr. Lisa Cleveland is well equipped to coordinate the training, education, marketing and distribution of the program. 


A large part of the grant is the distribution and training of the administration of Narcan. Narcan is a nasal-spray form of Naloxone used to reverse opioid overdoses, and has been a mainstay in multiple harm reduction programs in the United States. The School of Nursing aims to activate the TTOR program to train both law enforcement agencies and community members in administering Narcan, while also addressing the misconceptions and stigma that follow opioid-use.

The TTOR project is also piloting an EMS follow up program in San Antonio, which will have local EMS reach out to recently overdosed survivors. The goal of the EMS program is to connect these survivors with resources that might have been unbeknownst to them. Through a partnership with SACADA, the EMS project will also offer survivors an opportunity to work with a peer recovery coach. Although peer recovery coaches can offer survivors connections to resources, they also provide survivors insight through shared experiences and non-clinical knowledge, helping them navigate through the recovery process.

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