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The TTOR project is also piloting an EMS follow up program in San Antonio, which will have local EMS reach out to recently overdosed survivors. The goal of the EMS program is to connect these survivors with resources that might have been unbeknownst to them. Through a partnership with SACADA, the EMS project will also offer survivors an opportunity to work with a peer recovery coach. Although peer recovery coaches can offer survivors connections to resources, they also provide survivors insight through shared experiences and non-clinical knowledge, helping them navigate through the recovery process.


TTOR is also responsible for Casa Mia, a recovery support home for pregnant women and mothers with dependent children, who have been affected by a history of opioid use. The recovery home offers services for women who are transitioning through recovery, permitting women who are on medicated assisted treatment (such as methadone and buprenorphine) a place to live with their children and other women who have shared experiences. The home can house twenty women and children and is staffed 24/7.

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